The Best Baby Sleep Book

The New Revolutionary Method to get your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Edward Kulich M.D., F.A.A.P.

Contrary to popular belief, parents can do more for their sleep-deprived babies at three in the morning than to leave them in the crib and hope the neighbors can’t hear the screams. Having helped thousands of babies sleep through the night as a pediatrician and an infant sleep consultant, I have found that most parents embark on sleep training with tunnel vision; they think their baby’s lack of sleep is the problem, when in fact there are many different reasons for those middle-of-the-night cries.

To obtain results, parents need to target the specific causes of their baby’s lack of sleep. It may be a medical problem, a behavioral one, or even a combination. The Best Baby Sleep Book... Ever, is an easy-to-read manual that quickly identifies the problem, and provides an easy, step-wise approach that any sleep-deprived parent can follow.

I invite you to take control of your child’s routine and to figure out why your baby isn’t sleeping, so that you can take the appropriate steps to fix his sleep problem, and to have your baby finally sleep like a baby!

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